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Documents you will need to prepare
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Before submitting a lead for prescreening, please get familiar with our Terms & Conditions.
The exact set of documents may vary from bank to bank and will depend on the jurisdiction. But the usual requirements shortlist is as follows:
Personal documents
Memorandum of Association and Articles
Financial statements or a business plan
Shareholders register
Power of attorney to open an account
Directors register
Certificate of incorporation
Selfie with passport
Proof of Address
If your business is connected with online payment services, fintech industry, virtual currencies and other innovative technologies, you will need to have a permission obtained with financial authorities. Otherwise, a bank might refuse you in opening a bank account.
We are now assessing your application and will provide you a selection of banking solutions that fit your company profile and business needs. We’ll reach out in case we need something extra.
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Your dedicated financial adviser asks you to upload all the necessary documents and might request additional information just in case.
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We submit your application to credit & EM institutions. You might also consider opening an account at Silverbird – our parent company.
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Got more questions?
Let’s clear them up with some answers.
Can I open a business bank account in the UK/EU as a foreigner?
Most definitely, yes. But as you already know, that’s a tedious process. Depending on your business size or type, the difficulty may increase. At Open, we can assist you in this challenging process and handle the work end-to-end.
How much does it cost?
The price depends on the difficulty of your case. We charge a “success fee”, meaning you only pay is if we get your account opened. A ballpark figure is €1,000 to €5,000 per account – which is 2-10x lower than the market price for similar services.
What questions will you ask me in the questionnaire?
We want to make the process of opening a bank account as easy as possible for you. That’s why we won’t bombard you with a ton of questions. All we ask is to fill in a short questionnaire that helps us find potential weak spots in your application and allows us to pair you with the right banking partner to suit your needs.

Here are some sample questions from the questionnaire:

  • Why do you need a UK/EU business bank account?
  • What currencies do you need?
  • What’s the size and nature of your business?
  • What’s the expected volume of transactions per month?
  • What’s your annual turnover?
What documents do I need to provide?
After you fill in the questionnaire, we’ll pair you with an account manager who’ll make sure you provide all documents the bank might request. Once you submit the documents, the bank will verify the information and run a routine compliance check to ensure you meet all legal and AML requirements.

A typical UK/EU bank might usually ask for the following:

  • Company’s shareholding structure.
  • Certificate of incorpotation.
  • Business plan, including future projections.
  • Description of the company’s activities.
  • Proof of identification for the company directors – a passport or an ID card.
Merchant from Morocco with 20+ years of experience
Zahra Jaja
Open allowed us to save time, money, and the stress of opening a bank account…
...which is inevitable when you try to do that complex task yourself. Now we can save on transaction fees when dealing with our European clients!
Opened a bank account in Estonia
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